Code Code Ship helps you sell the pro version of your library

By: Derek Kraan / 2023-05-24

Hello there. I have been working for the past year on a new service, that I launched in February 2023. It’s called Code Code Ship, and we are helping library authors profit from their work by making it easy to sell a pro version.

I have written about why this is a lot of work in the past, and the reality is that if it takes you 4 weeks, or 8 weeks to create the pro version of your library, it doesn’t make sense that you might then spend 12+ weeks working on the platform to sell that library. It just doesn’t happen. You set out to build a library, not build, run and maintain a platform for selling your code.

If you are in the Elixir community, then you will know of Parker Selbert, the creator of Oban, who has been successfully doing this since he released Oban Web in 2019. In fact I have an interview with Parker exploring the commercial side of Oban.

But if you look around, there are more examples. I have done interviews with Mike Perham of Sidekiq, Bruno Lowagie of iText, and Joris Schellekens of Borb about their own paid libraries.

You might be wondering, weren’t these guys just super lucky, or the beneficiary of incredible timing? I would argue that no, they are not. iText, a commercial PDF generation library for Java, was released in 2000, and Borb, a commercial PDF generation library for Python, following in iText’s footsteps, was first released in 2020!(!!) For more information, you can read my take on The Economics of Paid Libraries.

Built for creators

Code Code Ship has been built from the ground up to give creators all the tools they need to sell their pro libraries. Currently, we support not only Elixir (Hex), but also Ruby (RubyGems), JavaScript (NPM), and DotNet (NuGet).

Code Code Ship provides a long list of features to creators:

If you have any questions, or want to publish the pro version of your package on Code Code Ship, head on over, or drop me a line!

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