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Highlander, there can be only one

Derek Kraan / 2020-04-23

How can I start a globally unique process in my Erlang cluster? It is one of the questions I see the most often: how can I start a globally unique process in my Erlang cluster? A lot of people end up using Horde for this purpose, but Horde was not really meant for

Where do I put startup code in Elixir?

Derek Kraan / 2019-12-06

Today I want to talk about a pattern that I hear about a lot. It begins with the question “where do I put this code that needs to run when I start up my Elixir application?” It turns out that we have a lot of options at our disposal. I want to enumerate the popular ones and discuss why you

Walkman - isolate your tests from the world

Derek Kraan / 2019-07-22

If you have seen Guardians of the Galaxy, you might remember the scenes where Chris Pratt has his Walkman on, shutting him off from the surrounding chaos. This is what Walkman does, for your test suite. A new testing library Elixir already has some good t

Introducing MerkleMap: improving Horde's performance

Derek Kraan / 2019-05-20

I’ve been to a couple of conferences already this year, including Lambda Days 2019, where I saw a whole bunch of good talks. Two talks in particular stick out in my mind: Diving into Merkle Trees, by Pedro Tavares, and

What's new in Horde v0.5.0

Derek Kraan / 2019-05-06

Horde 0.5.0 has just been released, and there are a bunch of changes, so let’s take a look at some of the highlights! If you are new to Horde, read Introducing Horde — a distributed Supervisor in Elixir

Why should every process be supervised?

Derek Kraan / 2019-04-01

If you’ve been around in the Elixir / Erlang community long enough, you’ll begin to hear the same wisdom being passed around time after time. Let it crash; don’t use GenServers to separate business logic; and the topic of this blog post: Every process should be supervised.